The Model Bride: Ravina

Brides are beautiful always. Something about that day gives them a magical glow. As artists we take our cue from the natural beauty that everyone has, their color, skin or a certain feature, and amp it up! I know it may come across as cliche or cheesy, but I sincerely believe that.

A bride that truly inspired me was Ravina. She could be a model with her height, figure and natural beauty. But alas, she has dedicated her life to science.  She’s humble, genuine and carries herself very lady like. And she married a man who reflected the same qualities, someone I’ve been classmates with since primary school. So I was over joyed to take part in their special day as they begun a new chapter in their life.

What was especially unique about their wedding was the locations. The Sikh ceremony took place at Atlantis Pavilions. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Sikh wedding outside of the Gurdwara. And the reception wasn’t traditional either. It took place at a lounge! Take note of the beautiful color blocking of the outfits which  contributed to the excellence of  the pictures.

I have to give a shout out to Dave Abreau, who really did a magnificent job on capturing the wedding in terms of color, emotion and style.

Pre-Wedding Event

See what I mean in terms of natural beauty?

Ceremony @ Atlantis Pavilions

Ceremony Outfits

Notice the contrasting red and purple work on Ravina’s lengha – a huge color trend for next year. They did a beautiful job on complimenting her outfit with the groom’s cream and purple. Bold and beautiful.

Bridal Party Outfits

I can’t stress how much the bridal party attire and look can make or break wedding pictures. To compliment the red and purple, Ravina chose bright green outfits for the bridesmaids and purple for the flower girls.

Grooms Men Attire

The grooms men complimented the bridesmaids with green scarves.

Reception Attire

And a Bollywood bombshell is born in elegant creams and golds. Ravina created two completely different looks for the ceremony and reception. Interestingly enough, their wedding was IFFA weekend and people thought they were Bollywood celebrities. They had their own paparazzi.

The groom is looking rather dapper!

The stayed at the Ritz Carlton, Toronto, which I love. It also provided a great backdrop for pictures.

The Reception

Check out the delicious and stylized sweet table. I’m loving the chandelier!

The beautiful family, against a beautiful brick backdrop.

Awesome stylized shots of the shoes, obviously an essential part of the event!

Hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as we did!



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