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The Superhero Bride: Sonya

It’s definitely a first for us and they pulled it off with a BANG! Sonya and her fiancé have a thing for super heroes and comics, hence, the  super hero themed engagement. With an art gallery as a backdrop and an elegantly clad brides heroes (bridal party), the soirée was fun and chic. The event was captured […]

Tanishq Jewelry Breaks Social Norms and Stereotypes While Inspiring Beautiful Bridal Looks

Tanishq Jewelry is a trend setter that pushes fashion boundaries in the premium jewelry market in India. Their ads and jewelry are inspirational, with the likes of Sri Devi gracing them. This year, they boldly took  a business risk by pushing the boundaries of social norms and stereotypes that have plagued South Asian culture in […]

The Halle Berry Bride: Gopika

As I drove up to her house Gopika was comfortably slouched in a chair, relaxing on the porch, enjoying the beautiful weather. This was a first. It was though she was expecting me for a girls night in. But  in reality she was expecting me to beautify her for her big day. This is typical of Gopika, calm, […]

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