The Superhero Bride: Sonya

It's definitely a first for us and they pulled it off with a BANG! Sonya and her fiancé have a thing for super heroes and comics, hence, the  super hero themed engagement. With an art gallery as a backdrop and an elegantly clad brides heroes (bridal party), the soirée was fun and chic. The event was captured by the quirky couple behind Kumari Photography and stylized by the one and only Sara Baig, who gets themes SMACK on, as in she's really incredible with them. … [Read more...]

Tanishq Jewelry Breaks Social Norms and Stereotypes While Inspiring Beautiful Bridal Looks

Tanishq Jewelry is a trend setter that pushes fashion boundaries in the premium jewelry market in India. Their ads and jewelry are inspirational, with the likes of Sri Devi gracing them. This year, they boldly took  a business risk by pushing the boundaries of social norms and stereotypes that have plagued South Asian culture in their latest ad. In a culture where fair skin is favored and rewarded and widows and single moms are shunned, Tanishq has embraced both and … [Read more...]

The Halle Berry Bride: Gopika

As I drove up to her house Gopika was comfortably slouched in a chair, relaxing on the porch, enjoying the beautiful weather. This was a first. It was though she was expecting me for a girls night in. But  in reality she was expecting me to beautify her for her big day. This is typical of Gopika, calm, sweet, to the point and organized.  No wonder Farhan fell in love with her years ago. Everything from the location to her makeup seemed clean and classic. It seemed … [Read more...]

A Clean, Classic Look Near or Far

As an artist, I strive to create looks that look great up close or far, on camera and off. I don't want them scaring anyone, just memorizing everyone. With all the gold and red that is worn for a traditional Sikh look, a clean and classic look is timeless. It looks beautiful up close (think your fiance's point of view,) or from far (your family and friends point of view). Punit's eyes are defined with gold and bronzes and the lips are doused in a classic red in … [Read more...]

Nautical in the Hamptons

Inspired by the colors, textures and feel of 2013's nautical trend and the classic sophistication of the Hamptons, an awe-inspiring team put a very contemporary twist on the traditional South Asian Wedding for the 4th edition of Lavish Dulhan. The drama was in the details of the decor and desserts, the splendor of the location and the lavish dulhan, embellished in an exquisite gown (truly fit for a queen.) She was amplified with bold pops of colors on her lips and … [Read more...]

Real Brides Featured in Our Suhaag 2012 Editorial

We are so very honored to work with brides and continue to be awed by their genuine beauty and style. So much so that we feature them when ever we get a chance in our editorial work. These are the lovely brides and 1 model that were featured in our 2012 spread.   XOXO, Shobana … [Read more...]