Find Your Perfect Red With Celebrity Artist, Lisa Eldbridge

Red lips have become my new everyday lip color. Red looks terrific on EVERYONE! It breathes in life, brightens up the face. It's just about finding the right red and having the confidence to rock it. I loved watching, celebrity artist, Lisa Eldbridge's Ultimate Guide to Red Lips for her guidelines and faves! The rule is that orange/warm toned reds compliment those with yellow skin tones, and cherry/cool toned reds compliment those with pink undertones. But rules are … [Read more...]

The Halle Berry Bride: Gopika

As I drove up to her house Gopika was comfortably slouched in a chair, relaxing on the porch, enjoying the beautiful weather. This was a first. It was though she was expecting me for a girls night in. But  in reality she was expecting me to beautify her for her big day. This is typical of Gopika, calm, sweet, to the point and organized.  No wonder Farhan fell in love with her years ago. Everything from the location to her makeup seemed clean and classic. It seemed … [Read more...]

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Emma: The Side Swept, Rapunzel Bride

This was all her hair! Tip: Side swept hair is optimized with layers. XOXO, Shobana … [Read more...]

Mother of the Bride Guidelines

When it comes to your mom, embrace her personality whether it's natural or more flamboyant.  She will feel more comfortable and like herself. At times you may still have to encourage her in the right direction whether its upping the glam on or toning down, at least for the sake of pictures. Recently I wrote an article for Glow Magazine, about beauty for wiser women, called Look Your Best. Obviously each mom and situation is different, but these are my general … [Read more...]

Bridal Braids

Whether it's a day at the beach, or a day of walking down the aisle, braids are a funky twist to any hair style. Amplified Soul was the first to introduce bridal braids at the Fall Suhaag 2010 fashion show, the same year Alexender Wang introduced the braid to the runways: Spotted on the Alexender Wang Runway, Jacob Campaign and the Amplified Soul 2010 Editorial. Celebrities from reality stars to box office mega stars have rocked the braid as well: Da Braid. Check … [Read more...]