Amplified Soul Makeup+Hair Couture Does Suhaag Fall 2011

We were the official sponsors of the Suhaag Fashion Show. Our  goal was to showcase continuing and upcoming trends for the modern 2012 bride. And through 8 hours and  6 clothing changes, the makeup and hair survived!

Makeup Trends

  • Traditional- eyeshadow colors consisting of pewters, golds and bronzes – we are seeing an evolving trend towards a natural or plush lip versus a matching red lip.
  • Monotone Eyeshadow Gradients – a classic
  • Complimentary Colors like greens and purples are becoming more popular, outfit permitting – a dramatic version would be having purple and green on the eyelid; a more contemporary version would be having a purple lid and green liner.

Hair Trends

  • Traditional, vintage looks like the braid/parandhi
  • Eva Longoria-esque tousled updos
  • Kim Kardashian Waves ( Although we didn’t display them at the show)

Here’s a peak!



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