Concealing a Dark Chin

At some point, your skin may go a little dark or grey around the chin area. Usually this happens due to hormonal changes in the 20s and 30s.  I too have  been plagued by the grey chin syndrome (sigh.) There are a few ways to minimize the grey without caking on the makeup. As you may know by now, I’m not about the cake. I love eating cake, not applying it to my face.

Required Products/Tools

– full coverage concealer with a yellow/orange undertone (this is key-I cannot stress this enough)

– stippling brush

– powder

How To

The key element  is a full coverage concealer that has a rich yellow/orange undertone which helps color correct and counter the grey. It should not turn ashy when you apply it to your face. This happens when there is too much white in the product (which may be fillers versus pigment.) If you don’t use the right color, you will only emphasize that grey and look like one of those makeup memes. Make sure you try the product out on your chin versus your hand.

My favorite products are M.A.C.’s Select Coverup in NC45 and NC42 (approximately $20.) These are must haves in my kit because the yellow/orange tones are so rich. I personally use the NC45 on my chiny chin chin and eyelids. You can also use the concealers to curb under eye circles and around the eye darkness. I recently found out that these are also a fave of Instagram Guru, Dress Your Face.

These images are from the Everything That Matters Indian Beauty Blog

MAC+Select+Cover+Up+Concealer+Swatch+Review (2) MAC+Select+Cover+Up+Concealer+Swatch+Review (7)

Another awesome product is the M.A.C. Studio Conceal and Correct Palette, which has 6 colors that come in handy for color correcting, concealing, contouring and brightening as well. I too use this palette which comes in light, medium and dark.

I recommend stippling the product on with a brush or sponge and blending the color into the rest of your face. You don’t want to see defined edges. The effect will be a lightened and brightened chin.

For even better results, especially if you are into contouring and bronzing, I would recommend stippling a little bit of your contour color on your chin around the paremeters of your jaw bone, your cheek contour and your forehead- basically in the shape of the three. This way you are contouring, blending and incorporating the color of your chin,  it ever so slightly into the rest of your face, creating a flawless effect.

If you’re not a fan of M.A.C., try Make Up For Ever. The line has some great, rich shades.


  1. If I was covering up a dark mark I would definitely use a color corrector like you said from the correct and conceal palette before i apply concealer. I love MAC select cover up. To me its lighter than their other concealers.

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