How to Avoid Being Matched to a Darker Foundation

Our skin is made up of multiple tones. My face is a different colour from neck, which is different from my arms, which is different from legs etc. Zeroing in on my face- my chin, jaw line, forehead and under eyes are darker than my t-zone. Oh yeah, that’s what I deal with daily!

For some of us these tones ares not as visible, while for others, such as myself, they are seriously visible effecting the way foundation looks. This is a common issue amongst South Asian women. So when you get your makeup done or matched at a counter, you may end up looking darker and/or dull because you have been matched to a darker part of your face. The lighter/brighter part of your face has been masked, also flattening the colour and taking away dimension.

What I Do?

On myself and my brides I use, on average, 2 foundation colours. I use one for the lighter area around the t-zone and one for the darker area which is usually the chin, jaw line and forehead. The darker colour blends into the neck, so I don’t have to apply foundation to the entire neckline, collar bone etc., to match the face to the neck. This method naturally brightens and highlights the face and the darker colour contours.

The 2 foundation colours may only be a shade apart in color but make a big difference when applied to the face face. I use the same amount of foundation I would with 1 foundation colour so this method isn’t cakey. It is initially a larger investment as you’re purchasing 2 shades instead of one. But your foundation will last twice as long and the look is definitely worth it.

What Rihanna’s Makeup Artist Does?

Rihanna’s makeup artist, Karin Darnell, applies a lighter foundation shade all over the face and then goes back in to add colour and dimension. This works for some skin tones, while on others the darker areas may end up looking grey.

What Can You Do?

  • Next time you get matched to a foundation, ask to get matched to a darker part of your face and lighter part of your face. Get samples of both.
  • At home try each foundation on, one at a time, all over your face. Take a look in the sunlight. Are you completely happy with one over the other?
  • If not, try my method and use the two foundations colours on the corresponding parts of your face.

I would love to hear from you.

Let me know what you think!



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