Nautical in the Hamptons

Inspired by the colors, textures and feel of 2013's nautical trend and the classic sophistication of the Hamptons, an awe-inspiring team put a very contemporary twist on the traditional South Asian Wedding for the 4th edition of Lavish Dulhan. The drama was in the details of the decor and desserts, the splendor of the location and the lavish dulhan, embellished in an exquisite gown (truly fit for a queen.) She was amplified with bold pops of colors on her lips and … [Read more...]

The Windsor Bride: Allison

Originally from London, Allison married the love of her life from Windsor! They were such a charming couple and were multi-ethnic, as many of our clients are.  Allison was simple and thrown into her big, fat, South Asian wedding and she embraced it excitedly. And like most of our brides, she was stunning to begin with,  sharp features, beautiful blue eyes and all. TIP: Vibrant colors are common to South Asian wedding wear and her tan kept her from being washed … [Read more...]

Sri Lankan/South Indian Bridal Hair Design

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Contemporary Bridal Jewelry: Swarovski Navy+Silver

Oh how shopping soothes the soul:)  It's  the perfect time to purchase wedding shoes and jewelry because the stores carry a large variety of styles and colors at great prices. As much as I love traditional jewelry, I enjoy seeing a bride change it up by complimenting her outfit with more contemporary jewelry that she can actually RESUSE. Imagine that! I'm a huge Swarovski fan and came across this Pastel Limited Edition Collection. It's contemporary but has an … [Read more...]

The Model Bride: Ravina

Brides are beautiful always. Something about that day gives them a magical glow. As artists we take our cue from the natural beauty that everyone has, their color, skin or a certain feature, and amp it up! I know it may come across as cliche or cheesy, but I sincerely believe that. A bride that truly inspired me was Ravina. She could be a model with her height, figure and natural beauty. But alas, she has dedicated her life to science.  She's humble, genuine and … [Read more...]