Tanishq Jewelry Breaks Social Norms and Stereotypes While Inspiring Beautiful Bridal Looks

Tanishq Jewelry is a trend setter that pushes fashion boundaries in the premium jewelry market in India. Their ads and jewelry are inspirational, with the likes of Sri Devi gracing them. This year, they boldly took  a business risk by pushing the boundaries of social norms and stereotypes that have plagued South Asian culture in their latest ad. In a culture where fair skin is favored and rewarded and widows and single moms are shunned, Tanishq has embraced both and depicted them beautifully, dark skin, second marriage and all. And the ad has been hit, making all the headlines.


I’m also loving the simplicity of the entire look- the bride’s this pale peach sari and elegant real, jewelry. Now this is a beautiful bridal look inspiration!




  1. Thanks for posting this ! It’s amazing, hope the country follows this forward shift !

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