The Elegant, Effortless and Fun Couple

Over the long weekend, I had the pleasure to meet a couple that inspired me! They were having so much fun planning their wedding and staying true to themselves with a small guest list, unique location and some of the most beautiful outfits I have seen. I actually fell in love the bride’s outfits. Without giving away the details, they included color blocking, tasteful work, a light dupatta and a quirky, crafty twist. And in this case, the groom was anything but an accessory, he was an equal!

The groom’s motto which really resonated with me was that their wedding should be ‘Effortless, Elegant and Fun.’ Simple right? Way too many times I see stressed out brides and grooms that just can’t wait for their honeymoon. How sad is that after all that work? So as your planning your wedding, remember these three words: elegant, effortless and fun. The moment the planning begins to veer off track, take a moment to consider whether the extra stress is worth it. This is not to say you can’t have an elegant, effortless and fun gigantic wedding or an elegant, effortless and fun crafty wedding where you hand make 1000 paper cranes (which one of brides is doing,) as long as you enjoy all that is entailed.





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