The Sri Lankan Bride in Mexico: Tharshana

My workspace is either my studio, enveloped in airy white walls and da masque curtains, the cozy homes of my brides, sleek hotel rooms or Starbucks. But last August, my workspace was Mexico, with a resort on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. What a treat, especially for a water lover like me!

I had the pleasure of beautifying Tharshana, a Sri Lankan, Hindu bride. I was excited to see how the setup for the Hindu wedding ceremony would turn out given the many unique requirements and customs. With a stunning backdrop, a simple mandap adorned with strings of  roses was perfect.

These vibrant images were captured by the  awe-mazing G+H Photography!

With no time for a trial we created all the looks in Mexico. Tharshana desired a dramatic look with strong eyes and bright lips which was easy since she had large beautiful, almond shaped eyes and full lips. When it came to her hair, old Bollywood glam it was, with Jasmine flowers hung below her crown, just long enough to drape on to her shoulders.

This was an epic moment. Tharshana was gifted an iPad promptly after she was completely ready for the ceremony. On the iPad was a message from her groom. She cried and immediately came back for a touch up.  Note to grooms, make your brides cry before she’s all beautified or after the main event;) Please and thank you.

The handsome groom and his entourage walking to the mandap.

The beautiful bride and her entourage walking to the mandap.

Time to party! Reception on the beach!

All the guests were given lanterns, even me, we lit the wicks with fire and let all the lanterns go together into the sky. What a fun and memorable detail planned by the bride and groom.

Trash the sari, part 1, took place in the Tulum ruins in unbearable heat amongst crowds of tourists. I’m glad I was there to touch up, otherwise her makeup would have literally sweated off it was so hot. The below images were taken in an enclave behind a cliff.

Trash the Sari part 2 took place at the resort, where I created smokey, navy blue eyes. The hair was all Tharshana and it looked lovely!

These are some of my fave pics, especially the last one!



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