Good Ol’ Hairspray is a Must!

I love hairspray. It’s a must have in my weekly beauty regime. But, lots of people have negative connotations about hairspray, like the fact that it makes hair stiff and greasy. There are definitely hairsprays that do that. But there are others that definitely do not.

My favorite hair spray is Sebastian Professional, Shaper Original Hairspray. It’s one of the most popular hairsprays used by hairstylists and industry insiders. It’s a flexible hold hairspray which means it doesn’t make your hair stiff and can be used on any hair type. Your hair can move! And better yet, you can comb your hair and restyle it.

There is a new formulation of this hairspray in an all black container. However I still prefer the original one, (above.) It’s not listed on the website, but you can usually find it at any salon that carries Sebastian Professional products, Beauty Supply Outlets, and the odd Shoppers Drugmart.

My second fave hairspray is the Schwarzkopf Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Ever wonder why your curls falls out? Why your hair gets frizzy? Spraying your locks with hairspray, one section at a time before curling will make your curls last longer and look smoother. After blow drying my hair straight, I spray my hair with Shaper Original Hairspray to seal in the style and fight against humidity.

For big days and important events like weddings, finish of your hair style with a Finishing Spray which will preserve the style even longer and work against fly aways and humidity!



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