Amplified Soul Does the Windy City, Part 1

Recently, Amplified Soul traveled to Chicago to attend a makeup convention!! Yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds, 8 hour drive and all! Not only were there amazing brands and great deals, but there was education! There were great workshops and hands on training from some of the top celebrity artists in the world. I’m talking about artists that have worked with the Sexy and the City girls, Oprah, Megan Fox and Ellen Pompeo! It was an exciting opportunity to learn from the industry’s best and bring back new techniques and products for our brides, to create their red carpet look. After all, we’re all about staying on the forefront of the industry!

One of my favorite artists was Joanna Schlip! This lady keeps it real and is such a genuine person. She began her career at 18, by purchasing a one way ticket to Paris and marching into French Vogue! Years later her celebrity roster and magazine covers include, ummm, everyone! Check it out:

So our face is not just one color. Apart from tonal differences, the sun hits our face at high points creating highlighted areas. As a result, shadowy areas, otherwise known as contours are created. Both the highlights and contours create dimension. For red carpet events like your wedding day, it’s important not to loose this dimension, which can happen with using one color making our face look flat or pastey.

Learning: Don’t Fall Flat

Joanna maintained dimension and maintained natural highlights and contours by using three foundation colors, light, medium, dark, on ONE face, beautifully blended. This technique is also great for those that want a little cheekbone or chiseled features.

Key Products Used

Armani Foundation, La Mer Skin Care


RCK is an amazing product created by Joanna, under the premise that your body has to look just as good as your face for a red carpet event. Not only does this product give your body a beautiful, healthy glow, it also covers imperfection and evens out your skin tone, for ALL skin tones. Better yet, it doesn’t transfer onto clothing. You better bet Amplified Soul has this product in their kits!

Part 2 is coming!!



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