Destination Bridal Beauty: DOs and DON’Ts

More and more brides are opting for a destination weddings! Not only can they be more economical, but the backdrop is priceless. We've done our share of destination weddings this year. So here are a few pointers in planning your bridal look for your destination wedding: DO Have a trial before departing, if you're makeup+hair artist is accompanying you. If you're doing a Kate, as in doing your own makeup, take a personal makeup class  to perfect your technique … [Read more...]

The Editorial Bride: Ashima

Ashima was part of our 2011 bridal family. However, we met in 2010, like most brides, a year before. She was the bride that knew what she wanted and planned a well thought out, Bollywood meets high fashion wedding, with the help of her wedding planner, Arora Weddings and Events. The colors of her outfits and work were stunning-bright corally pinks and magenta/purple's! She was stunning! Her overall attention to detail was immaculate. When it came down to the wire, … [Read more...]

Hair Stylista: Jennifer Lopez

Amongst some of the best style divas out there is J.Lo. These are some of my favorite hair styles J.Lo. has sported. Hopefully it will provide you with some guidance and inspiration for your big day! Talk to your hairstylist about hot to customize it for yourself, with the perfect cut, extensions (if you need them), color and accessories. The Voluminous Loose Wave The Sexy, Messy Updo The Ponytail The Vintage Ponytail XOXO, Shobana … [Read more...]