Real Brides Featured in Our Suhaag 2012 Editorial

We are so very honored to work with brides and continue to be awed by their genuine beauty and style. So much so that we feature them when ever we get a chance in our editorial work. These are the lovely brides and 1 model that were featured in our 2012 spread.   XOXO, Shobana … [Read more...]

The Windsor Bride: Allison

Originally from London, Allison married the love of her life from Windsor! They were such a charming couple and were multi-ethnic, as many of our clients are.  Allison was simple and thrown into her big, fat, South Asian wedding and she embraced it excitedly. And like most of our brides, she was stunning to begin with,  sharp features, beautiful blue eyes and all. TIP: Vibrant colors are common to South Asian wedding wear and her tan kept her from being washed … [Read more...]

Bridal Makeup: Color Can Be Soft

Some brides don't want color on their eyes; either they don't like it or they think it will look too stark or clown like. For the brides that fall in the latter category, a few weeks ago I worked with a  beautiful bride, with stunning outfits (some of my favorite I must add), that wanted a natural look, but with teal on the eyes. I began with creating flawless skin. Her features were embraced with contouring and blush pinks on the lips and cheeks. The eyes were … [Read more...]

The Lady of Construction Bride: Nicole

She may be a tough cookie, working in a man's world by day, managing construction projects, but she's nothing short of an elegant lady. Over the past year, we've had the pleasure of creating Nicole's engagement photo shoot look, shower, Parisian inspired look, and obviously her bridal look.  Nicole wanted voluminous hair and dramatic makeup for all three! A presentable 'messy,' bun was key for her wedding! What really worked for Nicole were her highlights, coarse, … [Read more...]

2012 Paraezo Bridal Collection Hair & Makeup

Happy Monday! The sun may not be shining but love is in the air, after all I am surrounded by amazing couples planning to celebrate their love! We just finished working on a very unique, crafty Indian wedding, that will be posted tomorrow! Last year I had the pleasure of doing the hair and makeup for the 2012 Paraezo Bridal and Paraezo Bridal Couture Collections. Bruce is the genius designer behind the collections created for brides that want to make a bold … [Read more...]

Accessorize with Aldo: Beautiful Jewelry on a Budget

Yesterday we shot our 2012 collection of looks! We hand selected stunning outfits from CTC West and Bombay Trendz.  And we accessorized with jewelry from Bombay Trendz, Amplified Soul (Yes we have our very own jewelry), Joe Fresh and Aldo Accessories. That's right, I wrote Joe Fresh and Aldo Accessories. Just like shoes, during this time of year there are tons of accessories to choose from at great prices from $10 to $40. Visit the store for the entire collection, … [Read more...]