Get Rihanna’s Grammy Makeup!

Hello! I am so excited to share my first tutorial, Rihanna's 2013 Grammy Makeup,  with you featured on It is a beautiful, classic vintage red lip look.  It's also similar to the look that Priyanka Chopra sported at the Anokhi Awards. Priyanka's was the dramatic version! Let me know if you have any questions! XOXO, Shobana … [Read more...]

Bridal Makeup: Color Can Be Soft

Some brides don't want color on their eyes; either they don't like it or they think it will look too stark or clown like. For the brides that fall in the latter category, a few weeks ago I worked with a  beautiful bride, with stunning outfits (some of my favorite I must add), that wanted a natural look, but with teal on the eyes. I began with creating flawless skin. Her features were embraced with contouring and blush pinks on the lips and cheeks. The eyes were … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Wear 2013 Pantone Color, Emerald Green

Just in time for Christmas, the 2013 Pantone color of the year is Emerald Green! It's rich, royal and elegant. But it can also be playful depending on the color you pair it with. 3 Ways to subtly incorporate emerald green into your look: Nail Polish Sport a coat of green glitter on a nude nail, try Nails Inc., Nail Jewelry Piccadilly Arcade Wear it alone or be bold by applying it on top of a solid green nail polish like Illamasque Nail Varnish, … [Read more...]

My First How To: Kim Kardashian Nude Look for Darker Skintones

I think it's about time I start posting some looks and 'How To' blogs. But first a serious kudos to the Facebook models, BBM posers and self picture takers.  The whole taking pictures of yourself thing was holding me back all this time. It ain't no easy job! Getting the light, expression and angle right is an art. And there is the unnerving fact that these images highlight idiosyncrasies in your expressions and features that you may not have noticed before. For … [Read more...]

The Serendipitous Bride: Sangeeta

I adore hearing about my brides' first encounters with their grooms, their love stories. It's a priceless reward for a romantic at heart. No story is the same, each is an unique fairytale. I'd like to believe that there are such things as fate and serendipity. Sangeeta and Dino fell in love in their teens/early 20s, only to part ways.  More than a decade later, however, Dino spotted Sangeeta's white car (yes she still had it,) on her parents driveway and left his … [Read more...]

The Traditional Muslim Bengali Bride: Yeasmin

I may have said this before, but the wonderful thing about being in this industry and doing what we do, is experiencing all the different cultures and customs in the context of love. Last October, we took part in Yeasmin's wedding affair. I love the colors, small details and the beautiful shots, especially the ring/accessory shots,  taken by  the Dave Abreu Photography team. The Gaye Holud The Akth (Wedding Ceremony) Rangoli inspired aisle … [Read more...]