Prep Your Beauty Regimen for Winter

The weather may seem all over the place. But my skin doesn't lie! Winter is around the corner. Yesterday, after applying my usual summer/fall facial moisturizer, my face still felt dry and stretched. The shrill, winter, moisture sucking dryness is on it's way. How do you prepare? Make it a point to change up your beauty regimen just like you swap your wardrobe and amp up the hydration. 1. Skin: Choose a hydrating or extra hydrating moisturizer. I just use my usual … [Read more...]

Peeling Puckers? Tried and Tested Home Solution

If you have chapped or peeling lips, try  this: 1. Mixing honey and brown sugar  or olive oil and brown sugar - natural exfoliants - I tried the honey and brown sugar 2. Massage this mixture into the area that is peeling for a minute or so (this will loosen up the layers) 3. Rub off with a textured towel or paper (you may to rub a few times) I've tried store-bought products. But the home-made remedy was not only economical but also worked better. Although this … [Read more...]