My First How To: Kim Kardashian Nude Look for Darker Skintones

I think it's about time I start posting some looks and 'How To' blogs. But first a serious kudos to the Facebook models, BBM posers and self picture takers.  The whole taking pictures of yourself thing was holding me back all this time. It ain't no easy job! Getting the light, expression and angle right is an art. And there is the unnerving fact that these images highlight idiosyncrasies in your expressions and features that you may not have noticed before. For … [Read more...]

Breaking the Rules: Bold Lips and Eyes

The rule of thumb in makeup is bold lips or bold eyes. But rules are made to be broken. Our stunning bride, Deepi, proved just that. Deepi had a color rich outfit with bright pinks and purples providing a beautiful inspiration palette. She knew she wanted vintage hair and bold eyes, which was a great starting point. We went with a purple smokey eye, complimenting the accent color of her outfit. (Purple has become my new black by the way. I find it goes with … [Read more...]

The Sweet And Sultry Bride:Rinky

Happy Monday! We can't help it if we have more than 1 sweet bride. We're just lucky! Rinky was a natural beauty and makeup just amped it up.  For the ceremony, the look was traditional.We used one of my favorite lipstick colors, M.A.C. Lipstick,  Fresh Moroccan.  Rinky did a great job at choosing an outfit and jewelry that reflected the look she was going for and still complimented her figure and face. For the reception she wanted a completely different look - out … [Read more...]

The Sweetheart Bride:Mininder

Colors evoke emotion and energy, communicating beyond words and time. Weddings, in their own right, have become an art form, encompassing combinations of beautiful colors from outfits to decor. Have you ever thought about what those colors say about the couple? Pink, in particular,symbolizes love, beauty, kindness and compassion. No wonder, our bride, Mininder chose this color for her ceremony outfit. Not only was she on trend, with pastels and ombre shading making … [Read more...]

Red Lips for Everyone

Wedding season is upon us! And South Asian brides will be faced with a very important question: To do or not to do the red lips? Brides, you will probably get a nudge in that direction from your mom, aunt or friend. But the final decision is up to you. Follow your instinct and wear a lip color that you are comfortable in and feel beautiful in. Now if you know for sure that you don't want to wear a deep color and reds are just not for you, that's totally fine. There … [Read more...]

Our Very Own Brigitte Bardot

One of our first weddings this year was with the beautiful Rizwana. With her doe eyes and voluminous hair, as we were beautifying her, we couldn't help but be reminded of the great Brigitte Bardot; obviously the South Asian version. She looked stunning in a delicate pink and turquoise pastel shaded lengha, with a long blouse. The chiffon was so rich and the softest I've ever felt. For Rizwana's look, we went with a smokey turquoise for her eyes, inspired by the … [Read more...]