The Windsor Bride: Allison

Originally from London, Allison married the love of her life from Windsor! They were such a charming couple and were multi-ethnic, as many of our clients are.  Allison was simple and thrown into her big, fat, South Asian wedding and she embraced it excitedly. And like most of our brides, she was stunning to begin with,  sharp features, beautiful blue eyes and all. TIP: Vibrant colors are common to South Asian wedding wear and her tan kept her from being washed … [Read more...]

Coverup Body Scars and Acne Fast and Quick

Since my day begins at 3am tomorrow, I wanted to share a quick beauty secret. Covering up back acne, scars, blotchy skin or ingrowns is a pain. Unless you have an airbrush machine at home, it can get quite messy with traditional foundation and cover up, especially if you plan to dance and sweat later. Sally Hansen has a great product, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It was made to create flawless, sexy legs without pantyhose, tanning or sun. Since I've never been able … [Read more...]

2012 Paraezo Bridal Collection Hair & Makeup

Happy Monday! The sun may not be shining but love is in the air, after all I am surrounded by amazing couples planning to celebrate their love! We just finished working on a very unique, crafty Indian wedding, that will be posted tomorrow! Last year I had the pleasure of doing the hair and makeup for the 2012 Paraezo Bridal and Paraezo Bridal Couture Collections. Bruce is the genius designer behind the collections created for brides that want to make a bold … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Amy Chahal-2010’s First Bride

Here's a sneak peak! More to come about this fabulous day and her beautification process. This bride knew what she wanted and Amplified Soul made it happen with 5 different looks! And did I mention it was planned by the fabulous Arora Wedding and Event Planner and photographed by Digitology. I love love this image. It has to be one of my favourites. Up close or far away-makeup should not look like it's there. … [Read more...]