Before Booking: What to Ask Your Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Beauty ABC's Do you provide on site services? Determine if you want to travel to and from the salon on the day of your wedding. Ask about distance, time and consider your wedding day schedule. If yes, are there transportation fees? The industry standard is that most beauty professionals will charge per kilometer outside of location radius or the transportation is included in the package What do you charge? Prices will vary with experience, training, … [Read more...]

Brides and the Long Hair Lie

As the saying goes, If I got a nickle for every time I heard that a bride was growing her hair for the wedding...Her hair could be dry, damaged, discolored, have crazy split ends, but you better bet she's committed to growing it. And when I say committed, I mean no trims! I'm not sure where this myth began. Perhaps in the olden days, long hair was a sign of youthfulness and fertility . I'm just guessing. Or perhaps, long hair was required in the South Asian culture … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Amy Chahal-2010’s First Bride

Here's a sneak peak! More to come about this fabulous day and her beautification process. This bride knew what she wanted and Amplified Soul made it happen with 5 different looks! And did I mention it was planned by the fabulous Arora Wedding and Event Planner and photographed by Digitology. I love love this image. It has to be one of my favourites. Up close or far away-makeup should not look like it's there. … [Read more...]