Love is in the Hair!

Winter is really tough on the skin and hair. They become dry, dry, dry! Just like our skin needs some loving with the right skin care regimen, so does our hair. Although my naturally curly and coarse hair is also naturally dry, it was scorched dry this winter. My fun in the sun trip to India, plus the curling irons and blow dryers obviously didn't help. So what did help nourish and rejuvenate my hair? There are lots of salon treatments out there, along with some … [Read more...]

Peeling Puckers? Tried and Tested Home Solution

If you have chapped or peeling lips, try  this: 1. Mixing honey and brown sugar  or olive oil and brown sugar - natural exfoliants - I tried the honey and brown sugar 2. Massage this mixture into the area that is peeling for a minute or so (this will loosen up the layers) 3. Rub off with a textured towel or paper (you may to rub a few times) I've tried store-bought products. But the home-made remedy was not only economical but also worked better. Although this … [Read more...]