Traditional and Contemporary Sri Lankan Brides

Happy New Year! I am currently in the motherland, in the south! In the spirit of the south, here are a few Sri Lankan weddings we took part in last year. The feels are very different ranging from traditional to contemporary. Tharshana was a traditional looking bride with traditional makeup and hair inspired by old Bollywood. But her wedding was anything but traditional, taking place in MEXICO! The backdrop was breath taking-blog post to come! In the meantime you … [Read more...]

Accessorize with Aldo: Beautiful Jewelry on a Budget

Yesterday we shot our 2012 collection of looks! We hand selected stunning outfits from CTC West and Bombay Trendz.  And we accessorized with jewelry from Bombay Trendz, Amplified Soul (Yes we have our very own jewelry), Joe Fresh and Aldo Accessories. That's right, I wrote Joe Fresh and Aldo Accessories. Just like shoes, during this time of year there are tons of accessories to choose from at great prices from $10 to $40. Visit the store for the entire collection, … [Read more...]

Bridalicious Beauty Shaker

So way back in November 2010, Bridalicious hosted its first Bridalicious Beauty Shaker at the beautiful Bellvue Manor (one of my faves). Brides wanted more beauty, so we gave it to them. What is a Beauty Shaker you ask? Its where brides mix and mingle over great food and most importantly learn about BRIDAL BEAUTY and how to look their best! So how can brides look their best on their wedding day? Step 1. Gettinf your skin into its optimal condition. You want that … [Read more...]

The Silent Dupatta/Veil

So a few weeks ago it was the first  Bridalicious Beauty Shaker at Bellvue Manor and it couldn't have gone better.  Brides learned how to get their skin in shape, the art of dupatta draping and makeup application. All our brides were soooo interactive and wanting to learn. I just loved it.  One topic that received alot of attention and questions was the art of the dupatta so I thought I would share for those who couldn't make it. Of all things that are planned for … [Read more...]

Bridalicious: Clarity.Innovation.Customization.

If you missed it, take a look. courtesy of Film Style Weddings Bridalicious 2010 - MontageHighlights Bridezillas are soooo yesterday, now it's all about being Bridalicious. Turning today'd brides into tomorrow's informed brides. The Bridalicious team had their first event on April 25th and boy was it a success. It was informative, fun and all about South Asian brides-the way it should be. So much so, the brides left wanting more … [Read more...]