Coverup Body Scars and Acne Fast and Quick

Since my day begins at 3am tomorrow, I wanted to share a quick beauty secret. Covering up back acne, scars, blotchy skin or ingrowns is a pain. Unless you have an airbrush machine at home, it can get quite messy with traditional foundation and cover up, especially if you plan to dance and sweat later. Sally Hansen has a great product, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It was made to create flawless, sexy legs without pantyhose, tanning or sun. Since I've never been able … [Read more...]

Long Lasting Lips

It breaks my heart, yes breaks my heart, when I look at pictures of brides and their lipstick is faded or barely there. Every aspect of the makeup and hair contributes to the pow factor, in person and in pics. So in case you don't have time to touch up your lips throughout the day, try these tips to keep your puckers in color: 1. Line your lips with a lip liner similar to your lipstick color, shading in a little avoiding a stark lip line. 2. Next, shade your … [Read more...]

The Minimalist Sri Lankan Bride: Asha

I must say, the one thing I love about South Asian weddings is the rich diversity. This is a sneak peak into one of our brides, Asha, of Sri Lankan decent. She's a natural bride that doesn't wear much makeup other than her pretty, pink lipstick. Of course we couldn't have her wedding day without it. She has beautiful skin, so the makeup was all about enhancing her features and giving her a natural glow. She didn't want a dramatic or traditional look. The foundation … [Read more...]

Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Liner: Waterproof Liquid Liner

A recent addition to my kit, that I can't live without, is the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Mat Black.  I use it on all my brides that like black liner, i.e. South Asian and Middle Eastern brides. Why? The pigment is so rich and true to the color. It doesn't turn grey or dull like some other liners. The consistency isn't thick and I absolutely adore the applicator. It's a firm, sharp tip that doesn't soften over time. It's perfect for the winged line or a thin … [Read more...]

Pore Minimizers

We're our worst critics. And I find that everyone has something about themselves they don't love. And when you become a bride, I find that the 'something,' turns into 'somethings.' Every bride just wants to look her very, red carpet, best on her big day, after all. Thankfully, there's an enormous industry out there working away at solutions for almost everything. Let's talk about pores.  What are they? Pores are small holes found all over the body to allow sweat … [Read more...]

The Results are in for Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer

After much anticipation, you better bet I savored every moment of opening the FedEx package and small, black box containing the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer. I love the smell of new packaging. Love it! The verdict - I really liked the product and the theory behind it is genius. I would recommend it for those women that have medium toned under eye circles without wrinkles under their eyes. It seriously worked wonders for my bride who had medium toned under eye circles … [Read more...]