2014 Bridal Hair Trends

It's that season again. And if you're hunt for a beautiful, bridal hair style, check out the 2014 trend forecast brought to us from Lianne Crosby for Hitched. Fashion trends change all the time, which means if you are getting married in 2014, you’re going to want to be up to date with the new trends in hair and makeup. We take a lot of inspiration in fashion from actresses and runway models and the new trends of 2014 are walking straight off the runway. Mermaid … [Read more...]

Emma: The Side Swept, Rapunzel Bride

This was all her hair! Tip: Side swept hair is optimized with layers. XOXO, Shobana … [Read more...]

Sri Lankan/South Indian Bridal Hair Design

[Read more...]

Win a Joico Structure Hers and His Gift, $110.00!

Recently Joico launched Structure created for the funky, trendy niche! And we're giving away a Hers and His prize valued at $110.00 to get that hair into prim and proper shape! The bride will receive a deep cleansing shampoo to get rid of that residue, conditioner, deep conditioner and hairspray for day of touch ups. The groom will receive a hard gel and ice wax, to create hair that's on trend for this season! All you have to do is and vote for your favorite … [Read more...]

Brides and the Long Hair Lie

As the saying goes, If I got a nickle for every time I heard that a bride was growing her hair for the wedding...Her hair could be dry, damaged, discolored, have crazy split ends, but you better bet she's committed to growing it. And when I say committed, I mean no trims! I'm not sure where this myth began. Perhaps in the olden days, long hair was a sign of youthfulness and fertility . I'm just guessing. Or perhaps, long hair was required in the South Asian culture … [Read more...]

Our Very Own Brigitte Bardot

One of our first weddings this year was with the beautiful Rizwana. With her doe eyes and voluminous hair, as we were beautifying her, we couldn't help but be reminded of the great Brigitte Bardot; obviously the South Asian version. She looked stunning in a delicate pink and turquoise pastel shaded lengha, with a long blouse. The chiffon was so rich and the softest I've ever felt. For Rizwana's look, we went with a smokey turquoise for her eyes, inspired by the … [Read more...]