2014 Bridal Hair Trends

It's that season again. And if you're hunt for a beautiful, bridal hair style, check out the 2014 trend forecast brought to us from Lianne Crosby for Hitched. Fashion trends change all the time, which means if you are getting married in 2014, you’re going to want to be up to date with the new trends in hair and makeup. We take a lot of inspiration in fashion from actresses and runway models and the new trends of 2014 are walking straight off the runway. Mermaid … [Read more...]

L’Amour Bride: Nalini

On this glorious April day, with the sun shining, imagine being in a little  picturesque French village in the North of France called Mirville. That's where Nalini's Hindu/French wedding took place and Amplified Soul's Nirisha was there with her arsenal of goods. French architecture, french cuisine and french charm with a touch of jazz. Mili Jain, the bride's best friend wrote it best, 'Two cultures, two families and two hearts were brought together as one on a … [Read more...]

Wedluxe Style File: Da Vinci Renaissance

A few months ago, I wrote about 2 exciting Wedluxe shoots I participated in, which got published! Reflections of Viceroy was already featured on the Wedluxe blog. And recently so was Da Vinci Renaissance. I love when shoots are featured on the blog, because more images are included painting an in depth vision of the concept. My personal wedding concept has transformed dramatically from my teens to, let's just say, my post teens; from a large, creative, glamorous … [Read more...]

The Bridal Manicure

I love the french manicure, the clean lines and the elegant white. It's classic and I'm a classic gal. But it has begun to bore me, especially when it comes to bridal manicures. The hautest trend right now is nail art, funky nails! Wedding Bells recently posted '7 Ways to Get Creative With Your Wedding Manicure.' Check it out! My favorite nail pattern is Da Masque (via kristinbyers). I'm loving the neutral colors with the hint of gold. It's subtle but unique. In … [Read more...]

Traditional and Contemporary Sri Lankan Brides

Happy New Year! I am currently in the motherland, in the south! In the spirit of the south, here are a few Sri Lankan weddings we took part in last year. The feels are very different ranging from traditional to contemporary. Tharshana was a traditional looking bride with traditional makeup and hair inspired by old Bollywood. But her wedding was anything but traditional, taking place in MEXICO! The backdrop was breath taking-blog post to come! In the meantime you … [Read more...]

Bridalicious Beauty Shaker

So way back in November 2010, Bridalicious hosted its first Bridalicious Beauty Shaker at the beautiful Bellvue Manor (one of my faves). Brides wanted more beauty, so we gave it to them. What is a Beauty Shaker you ask? Its where brides mix and mingle over great food and most importantly learn about BRIDAL BEAUTY and how to look their best! So how can brides look their best on their wedding day? Step 1. Gettinf your skin into its optimal condition. You want that … [Read more...]