Find Your Perfect Red With Celebrity Artist, Lisa Eldbridge

Red lips have become my new everyday lip color. Red looks terrific on EVERYONE! It breathes in life, brightens up the face. It’s just about finding the right red and having the confidence to rock it.

I loved watching, celebrity artist, Lisa Eldbridge’s Ultimate Guide to Red Lips for her guidelines and faves! The rule is that orange/warm toned reds compliment those with yellow skin tones, and cherry/cool toned reds compliment those with pink undertones. But rules are meant to be broken. I’m yellow under toned and wear all shades of red. Even Lisa mentioned that cool toned reds can look striking on yellow toned skin because of the contrast. So have fun with it. And if you can’t dive in, then get your feet wet by trying a lip gloss or sheer red lipstick. Check out Lisa’s recommendations on red lipsticks and glosses at various price points and let me know what you think!

Here are a few luxe lipsticks that were recommended. I’m wearing warmer reds in the top two images and a cooler red at the bottom.






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