3 Things That May Save Your Wedding Photos

Planning a wedding is a huge, gigantic, enormous under taking. I know, I’ve seen many a bride go through it. And because it’s one of those things that you hope to do once, you can’t always count on learning from experience. So there may be some details over looked or just not considered.

So from my experience, here are 3  things that can help optimize your pics:

1. Panty Liner or Dress Shields: You may get all hot and bothered in the heavy outfits and shining lights. Prevent arm pit sweat stains by applying either of these nifty mechanisms to your under arms.

2. Eye Lash Glue: Sometimes false lashes may begin to loosen due to sweat, tears etc. Touch your lashes up with eyelash glue and you’re golden for those looking down shots. Additionally, if you are South Asian and wearing a tikka, keep it in place with eyelash glue. I recommend Duo Adhesive Lash Glue, from M.A.C. or Sephora. If you plan on never using lash glue again, purchase Lise Watier Eyelash Adhesive from Shoppers Drugmart. It’s small and just a few dollars.

3. Wooden Hangers: Dress shots are a must. After all you spent so much time designing your perfect outfit. Make sure you have some wooden hangers around in rich colors versus a black or white plastic hanger. It makes a difference. Or better yet have your bridesmaids order you a fancy  wooden hanger with your name written in wire from Etsy!




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