Setting Up for the Big Day: Clean and Clutter Free

With little sleep and possibly feeling a little anxious (it is the day you’ve been waiting for after all), scrambling to get your beautification team what they require as the door bell rings  will only add stress to the onset of your day. To date, this is one of the most ideal setups I have seen.

Upon our arrival, this is what our sweet bride Sarah provided us with to create a truly awesome space to get herself and her bridal party beautified:

  • An empty room with lots of light
  • A large table which she rented
  • A large mirror on the table
  • Outlets in close proximity
  • No Clutter


The bride and bridal were relaxed enjoying drinks and food while taking pictures and chit chatting. The photographers were free to take shots however and where ever they liked as Sarah had kept everything  neat and tidy. We had tons of fun and were way ahead of schedule!



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