A Color for Every Bride: Rhianna’s M.A.C. Fall Collection, Lipsticks


It’s finally here and pretty much sold out. RiRi’s Fall Collection offers a bountiful collection of lip color. Worn with the right lip liners, all 4 lipstick shades ($16.50) and 1 lipgloss ($16.50) can be pulled off by anyone with any skin tone. This fall is about dark berries, nudes and oranges.  There is a color for every bride from the natural bride to the traditional bride to the rustic bride.

M.A.C. and Rihanna got it right!



1. Nude is a creamy matte lipstick that is a greyish brown. I found it very dulling and grey on myself. But I fell in love when I warmed it up with M.A.C.’s Hover Lip Pencil. It’s not too often I find a great nude!


2. Who’s That Chick is a frosty tangerine lipstick that brightens up your face. Oranges are in for this season and paired with the right lip liner, you can make Who’s That Chick brighter, neutral or deeper. Liner is especially necessary for full coverage, darker lips or uneven lip tones.


  • Neutral: Who’s That Chick is lined with M.A.C. Chiquory Lip Pencil
  • Brighter: Who’s That Chick is lined with M.A.C. What A Blast Pro Longwear Lip Pencil
  • Deeper: Who’s That Chick is lined with M.A.C. Mahogany Lip Pencil for a rustic, rich colour.  This color is beautiful for South Asian brides wearing traditional colors.


3.  RiRi Woo Lipstick is a potent red similar to the famous Ruby Woo. It is matte but wasn’t drying. I paired it with the Pro Longwear Riri Woo lip pencil. Both have great application, textures and pigmentation. Obviously this is a beautiful bridal red.


4. Talk That Talk Lipstick is a ‘matte dark plum,’ with a dash of berry. It is oh so rich, but matte and drying. I would recommend applying a lip balm before and patting on this lipstick. This lipstick isn’t for dry or chapped lips.


5. RiRi Woo Lipglass is highly pigmented cool red lip gloss. A little really goes a long way. It didn’t feel sticky or thick which I appreciated. If a red lipstick like RiRi Woo is a little too much or stark, this lip gloss on it’s own will  give you a sheerer version of the red color.




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