Are Luxe Lipsticks Worth the Bank Ache: Rouge De Guerlain

If you read my blog, you know I’m a big believer on splurging on key makeup items and saving on others. Lipsticks have been in my save category. My lipsticks comprise mostly of M.A.C. and I have dabbled in Dior. I’ve kept from falling in love with luxury lipsticks to avoid breaking the bank.

But lately I’ve become infatuated with the rich texture, the nourishing feel, the  vivid depth of color and the functional packaging, which I’ve never been a stickler for. It’s like falling for the bad boy, which in the long run is never good for you.

So I propose to brides everywhere, that along with splurging on designer shoes, splurge on a designer lipstick or 2 or 3. It’s the perfect excuse.

I especially love Guerlain’s lipstick and gloss collection. The packaging is perfect for the wedding day. You’ll see why!


Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick 70

guerlain photo
I adore this rich, bordeaux, red based lipstick. I don’t ever want to take it off. It is moisturizing, heavily pigmented, lasts a long time and I feel like it brightens my face. The rich color creates a sophisticated, classy feel that’s on trend right now. Did you notice the mirror concealed in the case? Superb!

3 photo



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