Brush on False Lashes by Too Faced, Lash Extension System

We’ve heard it before, lashes make a difference. They open up your eyes, making them look larger, flirty and feminine. They make an impact as you can see in my before and after pics below.

I’ll have to let you know tomorrow if I can ever go back to traditional mascara! Too Faced Cosmetics has introduced an innovative mascara for amazing lashes, called Better Than False Lashes, Lash Extensions System. All you need is a few minutes and a larger mascara budget.



The system consists of 2 mascara applicators, 3 steps  and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. I would recommend doing each eye separately. Also, note, I repeated the process 3 times per eye to get the results above.


Before: These are my naked lashes, long but horribly thin and not dense at all.


Step 1: I applied the mascara in the gold tube, seen on my left eye above. I rolled it on the bottom and top of each lash. Alone, this product doesn’t do much.


Step 2: I applied the white, nylon fibers, in the white tube, seen above on my right eye. It’s really fun! They adhere well. A few fibers may fall in your eye. If you have sensitive eyes be cautious. And if you wear contacts, put them in after.

Untitled 2

Step 3: Coat your nylon fibered lashes with the activating mascara to seal. To get the lashes below, I repeated the process 3 times.


After application, let your lashes dry. The bottom and top lashes may stick together a bit when you blink at first. I do think the product works really well and I recommend it. It definitely thickens and lengthens. However, the one thing that false lashes do is provide denser lashes, more lashes. And no mascara including this one can obviously do that.

Additionally, beginning with my size lashes, I don’t think it’s possible to get similar results to the image on the packaging below.





  1. Wow looks good, which stores would carry this?

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