SAGS: Deep Lip Hits and Misses for All Skintones

It’s award season! And the perfect time to get inspiration for your wedding day beauty.

Celebs swapped jewelry hits for deep lips. This is one trend that looks great on all skin-tones. It  brings focus to your face, no matter what you wear. Deep lips add richness to neutral tones. You can be a little more daring and bring color into your eyes and cheeks as well with lighter neutrals.

HIT: Anne Hathway was a red carpet winner again. Her deep, berry, lip balanced out her entire look. She defined her eye with neutral colors. Check out those lashes folks! Notice the touch of color on the cheeks. Who knew you could wear the pixie cut in so many ways.


HIT: While Jennifer let her red dress do the talking at the Globes, her deep lips did the speaking at the SAGs, keeping her navy blue gown from overpowering her face. I loved her hair down finally! And she also chose neutral eyes, browns and blacks. But winged it, bringing out those baby blues. with some drama.


If you’re wearing a deep colored outfit, deep lips can balance out your look, by keeping your face in the game versus being washed out. This is especially true for South Asian Brides. I prefer the matte look that is clean and not overdone with neutrals eyes.


MISS: Claire a la 90s (Thanks Ruby!) I’m not sure what the goal was here. There was too much going on with those mustardy/orange eyes, ignoring her beautiful eyes, clashing with her yellowy hair. Her foundation looked flat with no dimension. I would have loved to see some greys or browns on her lids and more black around her eyes, and minimal color on her cheeks like Anne. And those lips, yuck, were straight from the 90’s. I would have much preferred a dark burgundy or mahogany .


MISS: Where is Frieda? Kudos to her for experimenting with a beautiful bright, cool pink. But the dress wore her!  I wished she would have added some luminosity to her face like Lea Michele highlighting those cheek bones, while defining her eyes withe liner. Deeper skin tones can carry color so well, but they can also look washed out with lack there of. Pulling some pinks to her cheeks and/or lips would have completed this look.






  1. Claire Danes’ lipstick looks straight out of the nineties, no?

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