Bridal Makeup: Color Can Be Soft

Some brides don’t want color on their eyes; either they don’t like it or they think it will look too stark or clown like. For the brides that fall in the latter category, a few weeks ago I worked with a  beautiful bride, with stunning outfits (some of my favorite I must add), that wanted a natural look, but with teal on the eyes.

I began with creating flawless skin. Her features were embraced with contouring and blush pinks on the lips and cheeks. The eyes were accentuated and defined with dark, winged liner and lashes. Teal and champagnes were washed over her lids and slightly into the crease. It was soft, with a subtle gradient effect. Color can be soft.  It all depends on the application.



Did I mention the outfit was exquisite and comfortable!


Untitled 3

Untitled 2




  1. gorgeous dress…looks like must have been made in pakistan, the cut , cloth and embroidery…quite beautiful.

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