Winter Arsenal

Recently I began writing for Glow magazine online! Ever wonder why your skin changes during the winter time? Want to know how to customize your winter routine?

Check out Glow’s winter project deciphering the effects of weather in all of Canada’s provinces with expert dermatologists and how to combat with my post on winter rescue.

While doing research, I also stumbled on Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream, perfect for your winter regimen.


If you have normal to dry skin, Benefit Total Moisture facial cream is a rich cream which helps develop the skins water reserves and reinforce the moisture barrier which, compromised during the winter chill. Although it contains mango butter, a plant based emolliant, it smells of refreshing florals and cucumber.
If you have combination or oily skin even during the winter, I recommend trying it first prior to investing in it fully and using sparingly. Since there is no SPF in this product, apply a light facial SPF, like Ombrelle’s, prior to application. You still get doused with UV during the winter thanks to the sun’s reflection off the snow.



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