Mother of the Bride Guidelines

When it comes to your mom, embrace her personality whether it’s natural or more flamboyant.  She will feel more comfortable and like herself. At times you may still have to encourage her in the right direction whether its upping the glam on or toning down, at least for the sake of pictures.

Recently I wrote an article for Glow Magazine, about beauty for wiser women, called Look Your Best. Obviously each mom and situation is different, but these are my general guidelines.  I would tailor them to the client’s preferences.


  • Use a liquid foundation that isn’t thick or creamy so it can be blended it into the skin with ease and use concealers only where necessary
  • For under eye circles do not try and cover them completely as I find moms are so used to them, that they don’t feel themselves without them. Also when the darkness is completely corrected, it makes wrinkles and bags more obvious. So a happy medium is best especially when the dark areas are large. **I like to use a salmon colored concealer and/or mix it with a foundation darker than the skin and lighter than the circles to cover them.


  • Stay away from frosts and shimmers as they highlight imperfections and wrinkles. If your mom insists on the latter, have it only applied it on the eyelid.
  • Use a gel liner versus a liquid liner to get a clean line without shaky edges and to avoid smudging.
  • Curl and apply mascara to the lashes if possible to open up eyes in a subtle way
  • Keep the bottom liner in the water liner and do not smudge
  • If color is preferred, make sure it isn’t stark, isn’t the focal point and  is blended well. Otherwise mom can end up looking funny and clownish.


  • Create the youthful glow by adding color to the apples of their cheeks
  • You can also softly contour their cheeks


  • Define the lips with a liner to avoid feathering  and increase the longevity of the lipstick
  • Moms are particular about their lipsticks, so choose a color from their existing lipstick collection. This way they will also have it one hand for touch up purpose.



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