The Enchanting Bride: Tracy

The most endearing aspect about the wedding industry is the way in which families embrace us as their own, like Tracy’s family. Our story with them began a few years ago when we amplified Tracy’s sister, Reena, for her wedding. And since then they’ve become more like family than clients, supporting us all the way. Thank you Reena and Tracy!

So it was fitting that we amplified Tracy for her big day. Although it looks like Tracy’s wedding was set amidst an Amazonian rainforest  or a magical Indian village of some sort, it was actually set at West River, in Vaughan, Ontario.  This is the very reason that West River is one of my favorite venues, because of the beautifully landscaped outdoor option in the back.

The venue coupled with the transforming talent of Dream Party Decor , the story telling magic of Z Molu, other vendors involved and the cohesive and beautiful, detail oriented vision of the bridal family produced a most enchanting day.

What worked for Tracy?

1. Ample Photography Time and Beauty Touchups: Her wedding carried over 2 days which allowed plenty of time for beautiful wedding shoots with the couple and the bridesmaids. Tracy took it a step further and to guarantee great pictures, she had us touch her up after the wedding ceremony (when the aunties and uncles were done with her) and before pictures.

Many couples don’t capitalize on their photographers simply because they are rushed and don’t have time.

2. Attention to Details: Tracy’s major elements such as decor and outfits were colorful and detailed. Her bridal party outfits were beautiful color accents and maintained harmony with the theme.

She also added other colorful details that ‘made’ some of the images in my opinion, i.e the bridal party fans and umbrellas.

3. Staying True: Tracy stayed true to herself. She chose a theme/feel and went with it. Nothing was contrived or forced making the events fun and roll out smoothly. I’m sure it helped that her sister, Reena, an accountant by nature, is super organized, busting out the spreadsheets and folders galore. Seriously, there were folders.

Bridal Beauty

The bride was stunning which made our job easy. She opted for a clean, tousled side hair style. We brought out the colors of her outfit and her features by using a turquoise/gold palette on Tracy’s eyes and rustic, brick red on her lips.

The Decor

I hope you enjoyed viewing this wedding as much as we enjoyed being a part of it! Hopefully  I will have images of the reception for you soon!



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