Prep Your Beauty Regimen for Winter

The weather may seem all over the place. But my skin doesn’t lie! Winter is around the corner. Yesterday, after applying my usual summer/fall facial moisturizer, my face still felt dry and stretched. The shrill, winter, moisture sucking dryness is on it’s way. How do you prepare? Make it a point to change up your beauty regimen just like you swap your wardrobe and amp up the hydration.

1. Skin: Choose a hydrating or extra hydrating moisturizer. I just use my usual night cream during the day as well since it’s super hydrating.

2. Hair: After washing and conditioning your hair, towel dry it, and then apply a leave in conditioner for extra nourishment and protection against hot tools. I’ve been using Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner. It smells great, is super light weight and leaves my hair hydrated and shiny.

3. Lips: Keep those lips plump and soft by using a lip balm or lip moisturizer.

4. Foundations: To prevent a dry finish, or that feeling or look of makeup sitting on your face, swap your powder foundations for cream/liquid foundations. Dry skin, especially during the winter can cause this.



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