Breaking the Rules: Bold Lips and Eyes

The rule of thumb in makeup is bold lips or bold eyes. But rules are made to be broken. Our stunning bride, Deepi, proved just that.

Deepi had a color rich outfit with bright pinks and purples providing a beautiful inspiration palette. She knew she wanted vintage hair and bold eyes, which was a great starting point. We went with a purple smokey eye, complimenting the accent color of her outfit. (Purple has become my new black by the way. I find it goes with everything!) But when it came to the lips, a neutral lip was boring. That oomph was missing. So we tried a fuchsia and that was magic!

I don’t like taking every color of a bride’s outfit and applying it to her eyes and face. In this case, however, it worked. Why? Her outfit was elegant and contemporary. It wasn’t blinged out. There were two colors, with one more prominent, the fuchsia. Additionally Deepi had larger eyes, relatively smaller lips and her features were spread out. That combined with neutral cheekbones helped balance out the look.

So when thinking about bold lips and eyes, here are a few honest questions to ask yourself:

1. Can your face handle it. You may love color and you may love makeup, but do you look like the best you?

2. Does your face look like a part of your outfit? You want to stand out from your outfit.

3. Are your outfit, jewelry and hair clean and elegant?



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