Results of the 2010 Philanthropic Bride Program!

A large part of our mission is to not only bring out the natural beauty of our brides, but to give opportunity, love and education to those in unfortunate circumstances especially in South Asia.

In 2010, half the proceeds we received from our Trial service went to the Philanthropic Bride Program. I am excited to announce that $1000.00 was donated to the Abilashrayam, in Bangalore, India to fund the private schooling of 7 t0 8 children belonging to the orphanage program. The orphanage is one of the many projects of the Abilashrayam. Please visit the website to check out other amazing programs such as their old age home, midday meals and education support. I personally visited the orphanage and met with head, Aruna. I am excited to be spending time at the orphanage this winter!

The second half of the proceeds, $1000.00 was donated to Everyday Child, an amazing team of individuals who began the mission right here in Toronto, lead by Sean Lamba! 100% of the proceeds will go towards the building of a learning center in Manna Bah Shawl, Mumbai, India, an impoverished community.

Thank you to our 2010 brides who are beautiful on the inside and out and truly have amplified souls!



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