The Casablanca E-Shoot: Dee and Keith

I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of engagement shoots, especially the overly posed, cheesy ones, unless there is a meaningful theme or significance to them. A few weeks ago we took part in the engagement shoot of one of our couples, Dee and Keith, captured by the ever creative Kumari Photo and Design. The theme was original, Casablanca.

Dee best described the concept, ‘Keith and I combined our passion for film, love of travel and harnessing our deep desires to always live creatively into conceptualizing this photoshoot. We were lucky enough to work with a HUGELY talented bunch of photographers; Kumari Photography! Great Job Dan and Monty- we couldn’t have asked for more. We’ll always have Paris- eh Keith?’

The shots look like they were stills from the actually movie and Keith rocked Rick Blaine! What I really loved was how this theme represented the very nature of the couple and their love. I look at this theme and these images and I get why they’re meant for each other.

P.S. Dee has long hair. But you would never know! Like Aman, we gave her a faux bob to give her an Ilsa inspired look, representative of that era.



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