Coverup Body Scars and Acne Fast and Quick

Since my day begins at 3am tomorrow, I wanted to share a quick beauty secret.

Covering up back acne, scars, blotchy skin or ingrowns is a pain. Unless you have an airbrush machine at home, it can get quite messy with traditional foundation and cover up, especially if you plan to dance and sweat later.

Sally Hansen has a great product, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It was made to create flawless, sexy legs without pantyhose, tanning or sun. Since I’ve never been able to find pantyhose in my shade, I love this stuff. It’s a spray on product that provides a clean, flawless finish that feels and looks natural. And here’s a the secret, although it was made for legs, it can also work on other areas like your back.

It comes in four shades and is water and transfer resistant. Note that it’s water and transfer ‘resistant,’ not ‘proof,’ meaning the product is very durable but if you try hard enough, the product may transfer or give in to water.

I recommend spot testing it first on a small area you want to coverup. Everyone’s skin reacts differently and holds and absorbs product differently. I don’t recommend using it on the face.



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