The Crafty, Paper Crane Bride: Aman, Part 1

I’d like to introduce you to Aman; our crafty bride, our Bollywood bride, our colorful bride, our paper crane bride. I met Aman more than a year ago when we created her engagement look. She was a Bollywood bombshell, a humble one.

It’s not often I come across South Asian brides that want a wedding that’s artsy, vintage and DIY inspired. But that was Aman. I was delighted to be part of something unique and as she revealed her plans over the year, like incorporating a 1000 hand made paper cranes into her decor or hand designing her outfits, my excitement only grew. You see, Aman was a talented artist too, with a knack for crafts and love for Etsy. In fact she introduced me to Etsy and now I’m addicted. Thanks Aman! Like I needed another shopping venue.

What really touched my heart was that Aman and her partner in crime, Parv, were each others first loves, high school sweet hearts. And although I didn’t spend as much time with Parv, he had a gentle charm to him, quietly reveling in Aman’s grand schemes and artsy ways. His performance in their Notebook inspired concept video, ‘The Paper Cranes-A Silent Short Film,’ by Film Style Weddings was perfecto. I will share it in Part 2 of this post along with the looks we created.

The colors and style of her outfits were personalized, accessories were perfectly coordinated, and the makeup and hair complimented her vision for the days. Enjoy!


Makeup and Hair

Aman had fresh faced, airbrush makeup, with traditional old Bollywood eyes.  We used a tomato red on her lips (M.A.C. Lipstick in Redd), based with a rusty red color (M.A.C. Lipstick in Fresh Moroccan). The look was topped off with a fishtail parandhi.

Aman designed a vibrant green and orange salwar. Her low back was super sexy and the bow was an artsy Aman touch.

When it comes to jewelry, it’s either a hit or miss. Aman’s jewelry was a hit from the size, antique gold finish, pearls to color. Even her bangles were orange and green! It was one of the most cohesive looks I’ve seen to date.

Aman also designed the bridal party outfits of course which were a combination of dull green and lace! The groomsmen matched perfectly, minus the lace.


Nirisha and I drooled over Aman’s reception outfit which consisted of pastel pinks, blues, whites and dull gold and yet again another sexy low back top. The bottom had 11 meters of material!

Beautifully  coordinated jewelry.

Makeup and Hair

We wanted to keep her makeup soft and pretty with a some drama to the eyes. So we opted for an icy blue smokey eye and winged liner. We added a punch of pink to the lips, (M.A.C. Lipstick in Speed Dial) to make her face pop. Who says you can’t be soft and dramatic?

Her hair was inspired by our Turn Something Old into Something New Blog, with a pretty braid and her hair pulled off of her face.

My Fave Shots

The stunning photography is by Banga Photography, a young, creative and energetic team. They are known for their quirky ideas and creativity. But with this wedding, they have showcased an elegant, editorial aesthetic.

I would love to hear your thought!




  1. Love everything about this.

  2. Wow this is perfection…love the makeup for both days n the hair for reception is beautiful…<3 ❤ the jewellery is awesome.cant wait to see the video


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