L’Amour Bride: Nalini

On this glorious April day, with the sun shining, imagine being in a little  picturesque French village in the North of France called Mirville. That’s where Nalini’s Hindu/French wedding took place and Amplified Soul’s Nirisha was there with her arsenal of goods.

French architecture, french cuisine and french charm with a touch of jazz. Mili Jain, the bride’s best friend wrote it best, ‘Two cultures, two families and two hearts were brought together as one on a special day that will be remembered for years to come.  A love that is sometimes only found in storybooks was brought to life and re-kindled a little bit of that hopeless romantic in everyone.’

For more of their story and images, visit the Lavish Dulhan blog.

The photographer was Milos Horvat.

The Town

The Ceremony

I really love the contrast of the pink accents that not only match the brides outfit, but a give a romantic pop of color to the space.

I love the cream and dark pink outfits.

The Reception

Cute detail!

Great picture and elegant carriage.

The Jazz Band

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