The Bridal Manicure

I love the french manicure, the clean lines and the elegant white. It’s classic and I’m a classic gal. But it has begun to bore me, especially when it comes to bridal manicures. The hautest trend right now is nail art, funky nails! Wedding Bells recently posted ‘7 Ways to Get Creative With Your Wedding Manicure.’ Check it out!

My favorite nail pattern is Da Masque (via kristinbyers). I’m loving the neutral colors with the hint of gold. It’s subtle but unique. In speaking with, Mylan, a manicurist from the famed Tips Nail Bar and Spa, many brides opt for lace patterns on their nails as well. Oh la la!

Ombre was prominent on the Indian runways last season and beautiful on the nails this season. You can take a go at this with or without the glitter. Brides, makes sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit or match with every color on your outfit-a tad cheesy.

If you’re not into patterns or crazy colors, just  add some Glitter (via polishinfatuated). I like that the glitter is an accent applied to little less than half the nail for the subtle sparkle effect, for the understated elegant bride.




  1. All are so pretty – especially love the Damask one and lace would be pretty as well!

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