Love is in the Hair!

Winter is really tough on the skin and hair. They become dry, dry, dry! Just like our skin needs some loving with the right skin care regimen, so does our hair.

Although my naturally curly and coarse hair is also naturally dry, it was scorched dry this winter. My fun in the sun trip to India, plus the curling irons and blow dryers obviously didn’t help. So what did help nourish and rejuvenate my hair? There are lots of salon treatments out there, along with some fantastic at home treatments.  I tried the Babyliss Argan Oil Restorative Mask, derived from the Moroccan Argan tree.

After shampooing and conditioning my hair I wrapped my hair in a towel, for 10 minutes, to absorb the water. Then I applied 2 dollops of the mask all over my hair, combing it through to ensure even distribution. I left the mask on for another 15 minutes, while I did other things, and rinsed it out. In it’s wet state, my hair immediately felt softer and moisture rich. As usual I applied the Sebastian Potion 9 Leave In Treatment and blow dried my hair straight. What a difference! My hair felt thicker, stronger and lush.  And I loved the smell. It wasn’t perfume heavy or greasy. It just smelt natural and rich. I plan to use it once a week.

If you’re hair is heavily damaged from bleach or dye, for example, you can also try a more concentrated version, the Argan Oil Treatment.

You can purchase these products at beauty supply outlets and some salons.



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