Turn Something Old Into Something New: Hair

There are a a few classic hair styles that never go out of style like the infamous ‘half up, half down;’ and ‘curls to one side.’ They look beautiful, soft, sexy, glamourous and compliment almost everyone.  But after seeing the styles so many times, they can seem boring. Some brides even shy away from these styles because they’ve seen them on too many brides.

The advice I give my brides is to choose a style that looks and feels amazing on them regardless of how many brides they’ve seen the style on. After all their wedding is about them.

I recommend stylizing the hairstyle with a unique accessory or a funky braid. I came across this picture on Emily Jane Mateer’s  blog and loved the character it gave to a traditional half up, half down style.

littlebrownbride showcased the Johanna Johnson Boutique in her Bejeweled Gorgeousness post. And these accessories are pieces of art. Incredibly stunning.

So before you a toss out the perfect hair style. Think about how you change it up and make it your own!




  1. […] hair was inspired by our Turn Something Old into Something New Blog, with a pretty braid and her hair pulled off of her […]

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