Long Lasting Lips

It breaks my heart, yes breaks my heart, when I look at pictures of brides and their lipstick is faded or barely there. Every aspect of the makeup and hair contributes to the pow factor, in person and in pics. So in case you don’t have time to touch up your lips throughout the day, try these tips to keep your puckers in color:

1. Line your lips with a lip liner similar to your lipstick color, shading in a little avoiding a stark lip line.

2. Next, shade your entire lip with the liner or use a lip stain similar to the tone of your lipstick.  This will hold the color in place longer and maintain some color if your lipstick fades.

3. Apply your lipstick from the outside in. Blot, creating a layer of lipstick and removing the excess.

4. Apply once again and gently blot.

5. Avoid product on your teeth by placing a little Vaseline on your front teeth. Or place one finger in the center of your lips, like you would a lollipop. Any lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth will come off onto your finger.



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