Contemporary Bridal Jewelry: Swarovski Navy+Silver

Oh how shopping soothes the soul:)  It’s  the perfect time to purchase wedding shoes and jewelry because the stores carry a large variety of styles and colors at great prices.

As much as I love traditional jewelry, I enjoy seeing a bride change it up by complimenting her outfit with more contemporary jewelry that she can actually RESUSE. Imagine that! I’m a huge Swarovski fan and came across this Pastel Limited Edition Collection. It’s contemporary but has an ethnic feel to it, perfect for a bride wearing a white gown, silver outfit, navy lengha or a combination of colors..

I’ll warn you that the images of the necklace don’t capture the detail, sparkle or radiance of the actual pieces.

Although the earrings are pretty, I would mix up the jewelry and introduce these earrings:

You can also purchase similar ones at Aldo Accessories for almost a sixth of the cost! These vintage studs are a wardrobe staple that can be paired with an evening dress or used to glam up your jeans on a casual day.

Happy Holidays!



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