Amplified Soul Featured in Wedluxe Winter Spring 2012, Viceroy Girl and Da Vinci Dame Looks

It’s that time of year when the snow starts falling, lights go up and the Winter/Spring edition of WedLuxe comes out!

We were honored to take part in 2 inspirational spreads featured: Da Vinci Renaissance, Pg.98 and Reflections of the Viceroy, Pg.84. Grab your copy to take a peak. In the meantime here are some behind the scene beauty shots:

Viceroy Girl

Inspired by the Viceroy Santa Monica Boutique Hotel, the makeup and hair direction was soft and pretty with a California glow incorporating a trendy braid along the front. It had a unintentional Grecian goddess feel to it and was accessorized with flowers.

Da Vinci Dame

Inspired by the masterpieces of Da Vinci, the makeup and hair was sleek and bold. The hair style was a side bun with extra dimension created by gold and brown hues. The makeup was simple rustic colors with a pop of berry on the lips

Thank you to Crystal from Distinct Occasions, Lisa from Visions of Platinum and Garnet, Paras from Design 2 Decor and Christa and Melanie from Verve Photo Co., for putting together this stunning spreads.




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