The Sweetheart Bride:Mininder

Colors evoke emotion and energy, communicating beyond words and time. Weddings, in their own right, have become an art form, encompassing combinations of beautiful colors from outfits to decor. Have you ever thought about what those colors say about the couple?

Pink, in particular,symbolizes love, beauty, kindness and compassion. No wonder, our bride, Mininder chose this color for her ceremony outfit. Not only was she on trend, with pastels and ombre shading making a come back, she represented her kind and genuine soul.

The entire wedding was unique beginning with the bridal shower’s Alice in wonderland theme. Here is the cake, created by ( more pictures to come from the bridal shower.)

Her outfit was a beautiful pastel, ombre shaded, pink and soft ochre suit; traditional in style. Can you imagine how comfortable she was? She wore lots of jewelry and was able to carry it well, because her outfit wasn’t blinged out. There was a balance. The bride wasn’t lost.

Her makeup complimented her outfit with a mix of bronzes, golds, ochres and plush pinks.

The wedding was captured by Kumari Photo & Design.

These images are so reminiscent of  a young, Indian couple in love basking in India’s natural beauty, when no one is looking.

She may not have worn red in the morning, but Min sure pulled it of for the reception, in a vintage inspired outfit, hair, deep lips, dramatic liner and all!




  1. I love this bride!!

  2. Thank you for showcasing one of She Bakes Me Cakes cakes. Shobana you do a great job capturing not only bride Mininder but each of your brides!

  3. You did a fantastic job Shobana completing Min’s vision for the day. Most definately a stunning bride!


  1. […] jewelry set. For makeup and hair she went with a dramatic look reminiscent of a twenties flapper. Amplified Soul did a fantastic job at transforming this […]

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